Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering services experts have the skills, talent, and experience necessary to help you resolve your infrastructure challenges at a competitive price. Our team members are masters of their craft and possess the knowledge to help your organization succeed in any project that requires Mechanical Engineering services

Steel Fabrication

We specialize in steel fabrication for industrial customers. Our steel fabrication services include structural steel, machine guards, equipment protection andmore. It’s an honorable profession that deserves to be recognized as an art form.

Plant Maintenance

Thanks to our plant maintenance services, we are able to oversee repairs and replacements for all required mechanical, structural, electrical & safety systems on your premises. Using materials of the highest quality, carried out by trained specialists and at a fraction of the cost of recruiting new employees, we will ensure that your machinery, from simple pumps to complex manufacturing machinery, runs at its most efficient.

Transport and Logostics

Our Services and Solutions business manages a diversified portfolio of value-added logistics services that support our overall strategy of providing low-cost, dependable transportation for customers.

Why Choosing us?

Abasegudu (Pty) Ltd is a team of qualified; trade-tested professionals. Our staff undergoes regular training in
order to produce the highest quality of service.

  • Zero harm through the prevention of incidents that may lead to injuries, illnesses, pollution, property and
    environmental damage, security threat, process losses and products
  • Operating our business with repect and care for thenatural environment, minimising all forms of waste and
    maintaining an updated plan
  • Establishing measurable objective and targets for improving HSEQ performance
  • Adopting leading practices in key HSEQ areas through continual improvement
  • Providing the resources needed to meet our performance objectives
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements
  • The effective management of HSEQ risks
  • Monitoring compliance with HSEQ policies, standards, objectives and targets
  • Doing business with suppliers of material and services who apply aligned HSEQ standards
  • Respecting the standards of conducts defi ned in the way we work
  • Encouraging employee participation and promoting employee awareness of HSEQ threats and opportunities
  • Ensuring this policy is available and openly communicated within the organisation and to interested parties


Abasegudu (Pty) Ltd, situated in Alton, Richards Bay, is community company designed to reduce the unemployment rate in the local communities.